Wheelchair Ramps


Wheelchair Ramps for less than $200.00


Are you looking for DIY wheelchair ramps? Are you wanting to build a cost-effective wheelchair ramp? Then welcome to Wheelchair Ramp Kits.com located in Kansas City (specifically Overland Park, Kansas).  You can choose from either our stationary wood wheelchair ramps or portable wheelchair ramps. All our wheelchair ramps are designed to fit the specific home. They are constructed by using pre-cut lumber that can be purchased at a home center or lumberyard.

With the information on this website, anyone can build safe wheelchair ramps.  On a DIY scale of 1 to 10, this project is a ’1′.  There is no cutting or measuring.  You only need to be able to drill a hole and tighten a nut on a bolt. Then you can build wheelchair ramps with our kit that will support 600 lbs in a few hours. You can choose from our stationary wood wheelchair ramps or portable wheelchair ramps. Either type ramp will support a powered wheelchair, scooter or a caregiver pushing someone in a wheelchair.

Your total out of pocket cost for straight wheelchair ramps up to 16 feet long is less than $200.00. This is a fraction of the cost of the other alternatives of either buying an aluminum ramp or hiring a contractor to build a custom wheelchair ramp.

The Wheelchair Ramp Kits.com website provides you with the design knowledge. That way, you will know exactly what size, slope and style of wheelchair ramp you need, regardless of where you get your ramp.  Specifically, here is what Wheelchair Ramp Kits.com provides;

  • Educates you on wheelchair ramp designs and help you understand ADA guidelines that will address the physical characteristics of your home.  You will be able to design a wheelchair ramp to exactly fit your particular situation
  • In our ‘kit’ of a top bracket and bottom transition bracket we provide wheelchair ramp construction specifications and step-by-step guidance in building your ramp in a few hours.
  • The construction details includes the list of materials you need from a home center store or lumberyard. We also provide a list of tools needed to get the job done.  For example, a straight ramp only requires these tools that most every homeowner has; an electric drill, a hammer, a crescent wrench and a Phillips screwdriver.

Many people need a cost effective temporary wheelchair ramp during a rehabilitation period that only last a few weeks or few months.  Others need a permanent solution.   Every situation is unique, and the choice of the best wheelchair ramp option is a combination of several factors;

a.  the short or long term requirements for a ramp

b.  slope considerations based on the weight of the patient and the strength of the caregiver

c.  physical characteristics of the home

d.  financial considerations

e.  have the aptitude or assistance of someone to take on a simple DIY wheelchair ramp project

f.   in urban areas, an aluminum ramp for an exterior entrance, needs to be set up and taken down on an ‘as needed’ basis.   The scrap value of aluminum invites thefts.

Your ramp choices are;

- hire a contractor to build a custom designed ramp

- purchase an aluminum (straight) wheelchair ramp from a medical supply store or online

- buy or rent an aluminum scaffold style ramp

buy a DIY kit and build your own wheelchair ramp

Only one of the choices above is the best option for you. Whether you live in Kansas City or around the U.S., I hope this information about wheelchair ramps provides you with the knowledge to be confident in your wheelchair ramp decision.