Wheelchair Ramps for less than $200.00

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Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps that provide a ‘kit’ for a simple DIY ramp construction project.  Nearly anyone, including a relative, friend or neighbor, can easily build any of our wheelchair ramps in less than 2 hours. Our inexpensive wheelchair ramps are an  alternative to purchasing an aluminum ramp or a custom contractor-built ramp.  For people going through a rehab program, building one of our wheelchair ramps is about the same cost as renting a ramp for a single month.

  • You can build straight wood ramps up to 16 feet long, in 2 hours for a total installed cost of about $200.
  • No measuring or cutting – this is an assembly project so that almost anyone can build a ramp.
  • Building wheelchair ramps with our kit is very easy. Watch our Ramp Construction video:


  • Designed to use pre-cut lumber and bolts purchased from a Home Center store.
  • Inexpensive wheelchair ramps that can be a permanent or temporary solution for patients going through a Rehab program.
  • Ramp Construction Plans and Designs for Straight Ramps, Ramps w/90 degree turns, and Doorway Threshold Ramps.
  • Our wheelchair ramps ‘kit’ contains heavy gauge aluminum top and bottom brackets and includes:
    • Detailed step-by-step construction plans
    • Complete list of materials and tools needed for your project
    • Wheelchair Ramps Design guidance on website to design exact size ramp for your home

If you live in the Kansas City metro area, we also offer on-site analysis consulting and Ramp Rentals and sales. Just call 913-553-1488 for answers to any questions you have regarding wheelchair ramps.