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Wheelchair Ramp Parts

These wheelchair ramp parts made of heavy gauge aluminum that will not rust or stain a porch or sidewalk. These three wheelchair ramp brackets are designed to fit standard 2” thick lumber specified in the wheelchair ramp construction details. By purchasing the wood and bolts at a home center store and doing the assembly yourself, you will save hundreds of dollars compared to purchasing an aluminum ramp or selecting a custom contractor-built wheelchair ramp.

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Standard Wheelchair Bottom Bracket

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Flush Top Bracket

Flush Top Bracket for our wheelchair ramps. They are installed with outward swinging doors where standard top brackets can not be used.  Shown with adjustable carriage bolt legs, not included.

Shipping for flush top bracket is only to Continental US locations.

Price: $24.00

Shipping: $7.00

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Standard Wheelchair Top Bracket

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33″ Sectional Wheelchair Top Bracket

This 33" wide sectional top bracket provides complete edge to edge coverage. It covers the safety guard rails and between upper and lower ramp sections.  Only used for sectional ramps.

Price: $55.00

Shipping: $8.00

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